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Sneak Peek Cortex

  • Posted: Tue 20 Jul 2010

Cortex Demo with Leo Laporte from Joey Primiani on Vimeo.

Sneak peek of my new personal project Cortex using pie menus. Oh la la. Full coming soon.

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  1. Antonio Fernandes Jr

    I love this contact form, is this pie menu complete?

    Jul 23rd, 2010 from Boston, Ma, 02150

  2. Joey Primiani

    Thank you Antonio! It is very close to beta launch. Check back soon for updates! 🙂

    Jul 23rd, 2010 from Silicon Valley/NYC/The Future

  3. Joey Primiani

    Catch the preview on this weeks TWiT special:

    Aug 17th, 2010 from Silicon Valley/NYC/The Future

  4. Nikki Lee Ezelle

    i love Cortex : ) fact.

    Oct 4th, 2010 from Your Future

  5. Jack Davies

    just installed this inside chrome8. simple, efficient and effective design, great functionality; you should be really happy with this! 🙂

    Dec 7th, 2010 from 51.429731,-0.911382

  6. Joey Primiani

    Thanks Jack! Really glad you are enjoying it 🙂

    Dec 8th, 2010 from Silicon Valley/NYC/The Future

  7. Vincent GAULT

    Excellent Extension ! Do you plan to support G+ ???

    Oct 16th, 2011 from Montréal