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A Visual Representation

  • Posted: Sat 19 Jun 2010

I’ve been getting a lot of inquires recently regarding my logo. What does it mean? What is it? etc… I purposely designed it to represent many elements of me and what I stand for. Starting from left, clockwise – the conch shell represents my love for the golden ratio, fibonacci sequence, numerology and the math that is all around us in nature. The star represents all things mystical, mysterious, magical, energy, power, the occult, the divine, the goal, unknown, paranormal, science, the cosmos and anything astronomy related. The smiley face represents happiness, joy, positivity, bliss and love of everything. The girl represents wisdom and infinite knowledge. The spiral reminds me of designing and art. Three blocks, because three is one of my favorite numbers. JP is my initials (and twitter username @jp) and red and black have always been my favorite colors. From bottom up, the swirl also purposely looks like a giant squid tail going up to the stars – representing everything in between from the deepest darkest oceans to the stars in the sky, the journey in life is what matters. Overall, I think the reason why it was received so well is that it is fun, creative and has that ultimate whimsical feel.

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