Joey Primiani is a Internet Design Entrepreneur
Founder of Backplane, starting movements
Creator of sharing platform Cortex
Previously, interned at Google, Yahoo! and Revision3
My goal is to create technology that dents the universe

World Domination


Joey Primiani started his first freelance web development and design company at the age of 8, designed products at Google, Yahoo! and Revision3 as an intern by the age of 19, and attended Computer Science and Internet Interactive Systems Design at University of Central Florida. Applying knowledge and passions towards the fields of ux design, digital media, social/mobile applications and sci-fi/futuristic technologies including augmented reality, hyperreality, artificial intelligence, micro-location, haptics and intelligent clothing.

At Google, he focused on making an impact on the web by building successful, beautiful, easy to use consumer facing web products that half a billion of people use around the world on a daily basis. At Revision3, design for the Internet’s largest technology podcast network working with former TechTV personalities. At Yahoo!, presented rich structured semantic web data on SearchMonkey and BOSS (Build your Own Search Service).


My designs are often inspired by pop culture, nature, media, abstract visions, colors, geometry, fashion, electronic music, architecture, space, science, sci-fi, the future and much more.


I want to change the world by empowering people with innovative technology, knowledge, science, media and creativity.


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