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The Facebook Redesign (Concept)

  • Posted: Fri 10 Aug 2012

Per request by Daniel on my last redesign the preview quickly became the most popular shot on Dribbble front page. Wooo, this one took a lot out of me!

I emphasis the word concept, as this is a design direction that Facebook could head in. When you decrunstruct Facebook design, you can tell how complex it is. FB is currently really good at content and curation, but wanted to increase communication. Mimicking the human brain and human connections as much as possible to represent that into a social technology user interface.

Noticeable changes:
* Stickiness by adding more valuable content (like YouTube)
* Containers – (1) Left navigation (2) Center content (3) Right communication/metadata
* Larger click-target sizes
* Added light background noise to make it look like grain on a page of a book (ie Facebook)

Facebook 2015
The future of social networks lies in shared experiences. “Serendipity is unexpected relevance“.

Few ideas for what the future of social networks look like:
* Everyone knows exactly where you are all the time
* True Semantic Search
* More open – even to people who are not your “friends” (added subscriptions)
* Being telepathic
* Live intelligent news feed – constant content all the time
* More relevant content – being a few steps ahead
EX: Planning – events tied to parties and people in the area

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